Amy has worked in the Wedding and Event Industry professionally for over 6 years creating memorable weddings and special events. Amy’s fluency in weddings and events helps to translate and articulate a couple’s vision into a real life fairytale, for a truly stylish and distinctive occasion. She has always been passionate about wedding and event planning. Her career began in Houston in 2009, working in a fast paced, time critical environment that demanded exceptional planning and organizational skills. With experience under her belt, she was able to build a vast network of wedding industry contacts, always gaining ideas and valuable knowledge in all aspects of the planning process.

Over the years, she has developed a craft to create an event planning experience that is not only smooth, but organized and thorough for couples. It’s her goal to lighten the load, while at the same time, create an event that is just “so you!” She believes the best compliment a couple can receive after their wedding is that their event was a direct reflection of their love for each other and their personalities!

As the owner and founder of The Storybook Event, Amy Patel is dedicated to continuously showing you how to manage event planning, offering you our knowledge and experience on every single detail. She strongly believes with a little creativity and fun, our team can help carry out the most remarkable and unique experiences. With access to professional and highly rated vendors to outlining the event day itinerary, we ensure a beautiful, romantic, and epic event awaits you and your gracious guests.

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“I am so pleased that I got to work with Amy Patel from Storybook Events for my reception. She was truly amazing in handling all the details of the event, she anticipated my needs before they were realized. We had last minute changes due to Hurricane Harvey and Amy was right there walking with us till all the details were resolved. She worked with us and the vendors to make appropriate adjustments. I truly believe this is because of her experience and knowledge in the event planning space. In addition to making my special day perfect she is sincere, professional, and a delight to work with.I truly believe that because of Amy I was able to enjoy my special day with worry. I cannot recommend Storybook Events enough and will be using them for my next event.Thank you Amy, you are the best!!!”


“I cannot stress enough how much of a blessing it was to have Amy before the wedding and the day of. She is super organized, respectful, professional, kind, and got along great with our chosen vendors. Planning a wedding from NYC and Houston for a wedding that took place in Dallas wasn’t easy, but Amy made the process so seamless. She answered all of our questions (trust me we had a lot) and went above and beyond her duties. She also has a way of making you feel really comfortable, which is key on your wedding day. Amy is so knowledgeable about the wedding industry and it definitely shows in her work. She created an amazing timeline that I was able to share with my wedding party and incorporated any changes I had with a smiling face (which was a lot since I can be indecisive at times). She helped create layouts for the venue, organize items needed for the reception, and gave attention to all the details. She understood my vision and executed it perfectly. The day of the wedding ran so smoothly because of Amy and her team and it was BEAUTIFUL! I thought I was going to be stressed during our wedding events, but I felt so calm knowing we had Amy to handle everything. Even our guests have given us compliments on how on point Amy was throughout the week. Amy and her assistant were patient and warm with all of our guests and had smiles on their faces the entire time! I would recommend Amy and The Storybook Event to anyone that is planning a wedding. She is the best! You will not regret having their services for your special events! I cannot say enough good things about Amy and how she made our wedding day perfect.


“Where to even begin. A friend of mine recommended Amy to me, and the moment my husband and I met her, we knew she was the perfect fit for our big day. We handed her a fusion wedding at a non-traditional location (a barn) that had never done an indian wedding before and she took it all into stride and knocked it out of the park. Both our Sangeet and wedding locations could have posed a challenge to most planners but Amy anticipated issues in advance, worked tirelessly with theother vendors, and thoughtfully coordinated each event so that the flow was seamless. She was a joy to be around and a savior in the moments of stress leading up to the wedding. She is truly a visionary and was essential to making our wedding a dream come true. Thanks to Amy and her team, I woke up the day after the wedding over the moon about how perfectly things had gone. I can’t imagine having gone with anyone else and can’t say enough good things about her!


“Amy was our day-of wedding coordinator. She was very helpful throughout the entire planning process even from the beginning. She helped us with vendors and reviewed the contracts. She was very prompt with returning emails and accommodating when scheduling meetings. We had two ceremonies, a Hindu ceremony and a Christian ceremony, so our wedding day was very busy, but Amy made sure everything was on time and went smoothly. It was a stress free day, and we were truly able to enjoy our wedding because of Amy’s help! Thanks Amy for making our wedding so memorable!”


“Amy is the definition is of someone who goes above and beyond to do her job well. We planned a Houston wedding from NYC and SF, with only one set of parents in Texas (2 hours away), so having someone like Amy to hold down the fort was essential. But it’s not just Amy’s responsiveness, attention to detail, professionalism, and thorough knowledge of the event-planning process that we were so impressed with. When wedding time rolled around, Amy was our right-hand person and best friend. What was so amazing is that when events started, all we had to do was show up. We could actually breathe easy knowing when we arrived at our events, everything would be in place as it should be. And that’s exactly how things went down. We had a couple of hiccups throughout our event (as expected with a 3-day wedding), but Amy always managed to smooth things out without batting an eyelash. It was the only time during the entire wedding planning process that I could really let go and know Amy had it taken care of. What’s more was how incredibly caring Amy is: Every time we turned around, she had made us plates of food ready to eat for when we could grab a bite in between socializing and made sure she had drinks for us even before we walked in. Throughout the events, she was grabbing us drinks and making sure WE were taken care of—something that my husband and I are so thankful for. This is probably what makes her stand out from all the rest. On the first day of our events, we didn’t hire Amy to be onsite thinking it would be fine because it was just one party in the evening for about 60 people. But when we realized our venue (a hotel we had all our events at) messed up something very simple that was confirmed more than once by Amy and myself on the very first day, Amy took it upon herself to check herself into the hotel and be onsite to make sure everything was executed seamlessly—something we didn’t even ask for! Making sure your event is as perfect as possible is Amy’s personal goal, and we’re so grateful for that we had her on our side. From this point on, we knew Amy had it handled.

Trust me, even if you think you don’t need a planner, you do. Do it for your sanity and so you can actually enjoy your wedding. Amy has multiple flexible packages to choose from. We hired Amy to come in after contracts were signed and to handle all the final details, including building timelines, confirming guest counts, sending reminders for final balances—you name it! She even helped mediate calls between parents and our priests, as we were having a multi-cultural wedding, and there were some things that were best explained by a neutral party.

All in all, we are still talking about how many different ways Amy made an impact on our wedding. She is hands-down one of the BEST decisions we made.”


“My dad was very hesitant to hire a wedding coordinator/planner as he had planned and executed my sister’s wedding on his own with the help of my family members. However, I know that he and I are both extremely happy with our decision to hire Amy as our wedding coordinator. She came on to help us a about 3 months prior to the wedding once we had selected most of the vendors. Amy was extremely organized and very good at coordinating information between my vendors, myself, and the onsite location coordinators. Not only that, she always made sure that I was 100% satisfied by my vendor’s product/ideas, and was constantly aware of the budget we had in mind. I used to joke with her about whether or not she took any days off because she is always quick to respond to emails whether it be 10 PM or a weekend day. During the actual wedding weekend, her and her assistant were integral to making all of the events run on time. Not only that, they were always looking out for me and my husband, making sure we had food, drinks, or were having lots of fun I loved having Amy as my wedding coordinator. She is genuinely kind, fun, funny, and an extremely good planner! I would recommend her to any bride and groom! 100%.


“Our families hired Amy for day-of wedding coordination. I was initially reluctant to hire a wedding planner or coordinator, because I was afraid he or she would force opinions on me and my wedding, and also because I felt confident that our families could handle all of the wedding-related logistics on our own–after all, we had done so for my older sister’s wedding. However, after all was said and done, I’m very glad we hired Amy to help plan and coordinate our wedding. She went well above and beyond day-of assistance, and in the months and weeks leading up to our big day, she sent countless emails ensuring that all parties were on the same page about all of the details, thus ensuring that the wedding day itself went smoothly. We especially appreciated her planning and coordination of a meeting with us, all of our vendors, and representatives from the venue, prior to the wedding. We never would have thought to plan such a meeting, and we certainly wouldn’t have been able to get all the stakeholders in one place at the same time, but she pulled it off, and we believe this meeting was crucial to running the event smoothly. Additionally, it was nice to have her oversee and greet vendors, look after our personal items, and be the point person on the day of the wedding, so that none of our family members had to worry about any of those things. As to my worry about the opinions and influence of a wedding planner, Amy never made me feel like she was forcing me to choose certain vendors, visions, or anything else. If anything, she helped me bring to life and articulate the ideas I had. She was also a good sounding board when I wasn’t sure if something was a good idea. Overall, I’m very glad we hired Amy to coordinate our wedding, and I would recommend her highly to any other brides and families.


“Amy, where do I even begin? The first time I had met you and found out that you were a wedding planner, I kept that in mind for the day I would really need you for my big day. Never thought that time would come soon right after. You had just started with your own company, The Storybook Event, which ironically fit well with our wedding fairytale story. As soon as we finished with our consult with you, I had set my mind to utilize you as our wedding planner. From day one, you kept us on our toes with picking the best wedding vendors that would fit our needs when it came to our theme, budget, and do’s/don’t’s. You helped us in creating a schedule with all aspects of the wedding planning process, which was broken down so that it would not be so overwhelming. You also helped with finalizing all the important details. You kept close attention to what we wanted and did not want, which made the wedding planning experience so much easier. When things didn’t work out for me, you helped turn that back around and make things better. When things got tough with family members getting in the way of making decisions, you helped pushed through to give us what we wanted. You helped us understand what each vendor would want and need to better prepare for the meetings. You helped to keep each event run in a timely manner, which is usually very difficult to do in Indian weddings. You also fed me food, while my mehendi was still drying and while I was hungry!  Your professionalism, quality of work, timeliness, sweet and friendly personality, as well as organized and understanding nature helped to create our fairytale wedding into the most beautiful wedding I could have ever imagined for Himanshu and I.  My family and their friends, as well as our own friends still praise the beautiful work you did. You are the best wedding planner and I truly am glad I chose you and your team to be a part of our wedding experience. THANK YOU so much from the bottom of our hearts!
Love Always,
Hena & Himanshu”


“Where do I even begin!!? Having Amy and her team working with us throughout the entire wedding planning process was probably the best decision I made! At the start of the planning process, I went through a great deal of confusion about hiring a planner, because of having such a big, helpful family. But, after meeting with Amy and hearing about all of the packages, I knew I would need all the extra help I could get with my big, fat indian wedding! Amy, to US, was not only our planner but also an old friend, which made hiring her an even easier decision.

Right off the back, Amy contacted various vendors, provided detailed spreadsheets for us, and gave her own expert opinion on which vendors she had great experience working with. Amy was always just a text or phone call away when we ran into challenges, and consistently held a positive spirit throughout the process. Her professionalism and speedy responses were definitely something we needed during the last few weeks, leading up to the wedding! Timeliness was really important during each of our events and Amy and her team made sure all events ran according to schedule and made adjustments where needed. Amy knew that my growing budget needed to be watched, but provided us with a myriad of options to save where we could.

She was there for all things, before, during, and after the wedding. We greatly appreciated how special we felt throughout our entire weekend and all the times Amy and her team made sure we ate, stayed hydrated and rested when we could. Having Amy and her team there for us allowed Sunny and I to have the wedding of our dreams!! So beyond thankful for all that she has done for us and continues to do!!!”


“My wedding day would not have been the same without Amy’s help! We hired Amy to assist us with the last few weeks of planning and day of coordination for our Greek wedding but we received so much more from her! She assisted us from the day we hired her 6 months out and we could not have asked for a better coordinator. She was always 5 steps ahead of us and was so organized and precise with all details. Amy is quick and tackled any issues at hand! All of our vendors were well communicated with by her which made the wedding day go by so smooth. Most importantly, Amy was a pleasure to be around. She is friendly, genuine and was so good about making sure we were well taken care of. I would recommend her to any bride 10 times over!!”


“Thank you so much Amy for everything you have done! You helped us in ways we didn’t even know you would. From the little details to the main day, it was all taken care of with your help. I knew I wouldn’t be as stressed out having you by my side. You’ve made our destination wedding a success and everyone is raving about it! THANK YOU!


“If you’re a busy bride who’s looking for a quick answer on whether or not you should hire Amy, let me make this easy for you – YES YES YES! Having Amy on my team was the best decision I made in the entire wedding process (well, that and saying yes when the groom proposed!). I’m an organized person who routinely plans events in my own line of work, so I didn’t think I’d hire a planner. But, after my initial meeting with Amy (with the purpose of booking her day-of package), I realized that it would be such a relief to have her thoughtful advice and genuine enthusiasm throughout the process, not just in the few weeks leading up to the big day. So, I booked her Fairytale package. For us, Amy was not only our planner, but also our financial guru (as she did the trick of balancing our ever-expanding wedding budget!), our therapist (as she reminded me that it really is MY day, no matter how many other opinions you might have in the mix!), and our fix-it girl (as she found the outfit the groom was supposed to change into, just minutes before his entrance into the ceremony!). Of course, these are just a few of the millions of things, big and small, that Amy did to ensure that we had the perfect day! From answering my panicked emails at midnight to cheerfully meeting with us for 3+ hour long planning meetings, Amy was never without a smile or a kind word for us. Although she had several other weddings on her plate, she somehow made me feel like I was always her one and only bride. I was definitely a penny-pinching bride, but Amy’s work was worth all of it and then some! If you’re torn about whether or not you need Amy, trust me, you do! I’m fairly confident that we ended up coming out ahead, with all of the discounts and incentives that Amy was able to skillfully negotiate for us. All in all, I am so glad we had Amy right there with us every step of the way! She was an amazing planner and became a lifelong friend in the process!


“I will be honest, I was very resistant about hiring a wedding planner. I thought, why is it so hard? I figured I could do it all by myself. Boy was I wrong! Amy was exactly the person I needed on my team. 2 months before the wedding she absolutely took over all responsibilities. I would get 2am emails from her (which to me that means she is over the top invested). Up until the week of the wedding, she was reminding me of the smallest details. Planning from states away was definitely a task but Amy made it so stress free. During the wedding, I not once stressed about the vendors, small details, questions other had. Amy and Shivani took care of it all! I received and still am receiving so many compliments about how timely the wedding events were the how were all so well organized. Guests raved of how if they had any questions, Amy and Shivani were there to answer. Amy and Shivani helped me plan the fairytale wedding of my dreams!”


“Amy is absolutely amazing! Without her our event would not have gone as smooth. The best part about Amy is that she has an incredible ease about her so no matter what you know that everything will be okay. She is a true professional. Definitely, do yourself a favor and hire her.”


“Thank you so much for all your time and help to make our wedding so fun and memorable. We couldn’t have done it without you!!! Right from the start we felt so comfortable with you and being new to Houston you made it so easy for me to explore different options and choose the right people and vendors for all our events. Our families thoroughly enjoyed all our events without having to deal with any last minute conflicts or confusion and we are really grateful to you for that. As you fill up your story book , I hope ours is the brightest event amongst all the pages that you will forever remember.”


“I had Amy as my wedding planner and I couldn’t have asked for more! She was so detailed and asked questions I wouldn’t have even thought of in the planning process. Her timelines for each day, attention to detail, and her ability to take control at each event really helped keep our wedding weekend super organized and everything on time. She also showed up early each day at the venue when the vendors got there and worked with them to make sure all the decor and set up was exactly how I wanted. Amy worked really well with our families as well and communicated back and forth to make sure everyone was on the same page. The biggest compliments we got at our wedding was that it was one of the most organized weddings people had been to which was all thanks to Amy! She’s amazing at helping to plan all your events, she gives her honest opinions along the way, and executes the day of. I highly recommend her for any event and wedding planning needs. Thank you Amy for everything you did, we will forever remember your love and support throughout our big day!”



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