5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Cake All About You!!!


We love desserts, and most importantly wedding cake! And with the holidays behind us, all we can think about is all the beautiful cake designs and inspirations we will create in 2018! When it comes to designing a wedding cake, we know couples want to make sure that is something special and that represents their love story. Here are a few tips to making sure your wedding cake truly is your own and will wow your guests!

  1. Personalize the wedding topper with a statement. We love the creative toppers that have creative sayings, or even announcing the power couple Mr. and Mrs. We loved the design concept of our Fairytale wedding Hena and Himanshu, who had a Princess and Frog theme wedding, which really reflected in their wedding cake design.

  1. Designs play a large roll in creating a theme of the big day. Don’t forget to follow through with your design theme even in your wedding cake. Tie the cake to your wedding theme, season or location. We loved our New Orleans’s couple Mahi and Pavan’s tropical theme wedding cake that went along with the Caribbean themed reception.

  1. Incorporate your favorite colors in the frosting or in the cake décor. We loved Payal and Alex, colorful, creative, and cultured wedding cake design that represented the colorful backgrounds of their traditions, as well as the traditional henna designs of the Indian culture.

  1. Look at your wedding dress as inspiration for the wedding cake and borrow elements like buttons, lace patterns to design the cake. LeAnne and Krishna’s wedding day was secret garden that was filled with elegant arrangements, and romantic floral accents. We took the accents of her buttons from her beautiful gown and incorporate that design with her floral oasis to design her wedding cake.

  1. And lets not forget the groom’s cake that allows him to also express some of his creativity, personality, and humor on the big day! Whether is your favorite sports teams, college seal, or even favorite restaurant, the options are endless in expressing his side. For Elpida and Shane, their love for What-A-Burger was a humors addition to the wedding day.

Don’t forget – apart from the design, you can incorporate your personalities into the flavors as well!