5 things to do right after you’re engaged!

Getting engaged is a beautiful moment to enjoy with your significant other, whether you are the one popping the question or screaming “YES!” the moment is priceless.

But what are you suppose to do right after the question as been asked, and all you can do is enjoy being on cloud 9 with your beautiful rock on your finger? Simple, while you enjoy every moment of the engagement phase, we have these 5 things to do right after you say yes, and set you in the right direction for the wedding planning process.


1.) Share the news with Family and Friends!
Share the wonderful news with family and friends that did not enjoy the wonderful moment with you. They will be happy to share the moment with your before you share the news on social media like Facebook and Instagram.

2.) Let the Planning begin!
Once the feeling has set in, its time for you both to sit down and talk about the wedding vision. Guest counts, time of year and dates is a great place to start. It is best to have a clear vision and discuss all wedding details to eliminate miscommunication later. Get inspired by our Pinterest page, weddings you attend, or other inspirations you create along the way. And begin considering and planning your engagement party details, your first official wedding event.

3.) Budgeting and Expense Sheet
Talking dollars is typically the least exciting part of the planning process. Find a great medium on the budget you have in correspondence with a your guest count. Make sure your budget would realistically cover venue, catering, rentals, photographer, videographer, décor, dj/band, and catering. If you are looking for a full number to cover all expenses, then you would add in transportation, wedding attire, hair and make up costs, cake/dessert stations, bar limit, invitations, minister, and favors for wedding party and guests.

4.) Hire a planner!
Planning a wedding can be difficult if you do not have someone to keep you on track, tell you what you need from each vendor, and understand your budget. The process can quickly turn from fun and exciting to extremely overwhelming. Once you both have reached a mutual understand, along with families of your guest counts, dates, and budget, you just need to look for a planner that is able to work with all three.
Once you have a full service planner, you should be able to sit back and enjoy the planning process while the planner presents reliable options and doing all research.

Once you have picked the vendors, confirmed the timeline, and bought the perfect suit and gown, all you have left to do is enjoy the big day. Finally share your months of planning with your family and friends, as they witness your story unfold. The wedding day is the one of your most beautiful chapters in your love story.

See you at the start & let your story be told!